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Gym Exercise Series

Eggsercizer - The World's Smallest exercise machine

Redesigned with enhanced visual and tactile appeal. Ergonomically shaped for hand, finger and wrist rehabilitation and strengthening. Four color-coded progressive resistances corresponds to REP Band® resistances.

• Reduced resistance levels for a softer feel

• Smoother, tack-free surface thanks to a   new surface modification process

Use Eggsercizer® to help:

• Rehabilitate post-operative and post-traumatic hands and arms

• Restore function in hands, arms and shoulders following a stroke

• Reduce pain and stiffness in arthritic fingers, hands and wrists

• Relax tense, sore muscles and reduce stress

• Strengthen aging hand and arms


Rehabilitation Applications

Finger Flexion

Pinch Grip

Grip Strength

Thumb Flexion

Also Use For:

• Finger adduction

• Thumb opposition

• Wrist flexion & extension

• Wrist pronation & supination

• Fine motor control

• Closed chain exercises

Product Code Description
MC-1844 Eggsercizer, Idividual , Orange Color; Extra Soft 
MC-1845 Eggsercizer, Idividual , Green Color; Soft 
MC-1846 Eggsercizer, Idividual , Blue Color; Medium
MC-1847 Eggsercizer, Idividual , Plum Color; Firm
MC-1880 Eggsercizer, Clamshells, Green Color; Soft 
MC-1881 Eggsercizer, Clamshells, Blue Color; Medium  
MC-1882 Eggsercizer, Clamshells, Plum Color; Firm  
MC-1883 Eggsercizer, Clamshells, Orange Color; Extra Soft 
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