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Gym Exercise Series
Rep Putty

Rep Putty is an non-toxic exercise putty that is specially formulated in five progressive resistance levels for hand and wrist therapy. Smooth and non-oily, it can be used for the safe rehabilitation of the fingers, palm and wrist with full patients compliance.


  • Anti-microbial (Treated with Ultra-Fresh, an EPA-registered antibacterial and antifungal agent)
  • Latex - free
  • Self deodorizing
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-oily 

Product Code Description
MC-3400 Rep Putty, 80 gram, Peach Color, X-Soft 
MC-3401 Rep Putty, 80 gram, Orange Color, Soft 
MC-3402 Rep Putty, 80 gram, Green Color, Medium 
MC-3403 Rep Putty, 80 gram, Blue Color, Firm 
MC-3404 Rep Putty, 80 gram, Plum Color, XFirm 
MC-3405 Rep Putty, 80 gram, Tan Color, XX-Soft 
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