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Diagnostic Equipment
Differential Counter

WBC Differential Counter is designed to easier way to count and classify White Blood Cell. MD-200 not only has basic function such as addition, subtraction and conversion of the percentage for each item, but also can enter 12-figure ID numbers and date on each report. 

And most importantly, MD-200 is able to communicate with a personal computer for saving the data and print out report though parallel port.


Counting :

Percentage :

ID No. Setting :

Date Setting :

Interface :


Number of Item for Classification :

Digital Display :

Buzzer :

Power Source :

Counting : 

Weight :

Dimension :

Up/Down counting

Convert and display percentage

12 figures patient ID numbers


RS-232 Serial port * 1 (D-9 pin)

Parallel port * 1 (D-25 pin)


0 Total item 999

Seven-segment LED

Beep sound and auto stop for 100 multiple

AC 90V – 260V auto switchable

0 to 40 (32 to 104)

1 kg

248 mm (L) x 185 mm (W) x 116 mm (H)


Product Code Description
MD-200 Differential Counter
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